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Any window purchaser, first of all, pays an attention to the window design, shape, colour and price. Sometimes the fact, how important is the window assembly, is forgotten, however the window efficiency, safety and functionality depends on the proper window assembling. 
The window producing technologies are continuously upgraded, in order to ensure a maximum protection against weather effects, street noises and other circumstances. If windows are assembled properly, there is provided the highest comfort degree.
Mistakes in the assembly of windows can cost too much - if the window is assembled improperly, there are lost almost all features of qualitative product. Significant is the correct window fastening in the aisle, so it persist loads of wind. Important is also an airtight connection between window and wall, which provides the maximum energy efficiency. 
Due to all these reasons, we recommend to entrust the window assembly to professionals. The best solution is, if both window production and assembling are performed by employees of the same company, therefore there is ensured the quality of both product and assembly.
Types of window assembling: 
Window assembling, fastening the window with mounting brackets in the opening Window assembly, bringing the window in the insulation area


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